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Hi guys! Thank you for your patience!
I've been "away" for over 2 weeks due to my apprentinceship I had to finish before the game I've been drawing for comes out. I can finally say I'm done with all these 10 illustrations. Some were really challenging for me due to my high dislike for drawing backgrounds, but at least I'm a little bit more confident with them now!
I can only start sharing them with you guys here after 17th though! ;v; But they can already be seen in the game! However one of them I was able to share on my Facebook fanpage earlier which you can view here > [link] (hopefully the link works?).
You can find Animal Rivals on Steam, it should be available by tomorrow for purchase and playing. I can't wait to get my own key for being one of the winners in their designing contest that was held in January :D Who knows, maybe I could also get a few more keys for taking the smallest part in the process of making the game to share with friends?
But anyway, I need to get back on track with my commissions. It feels so different because the style I've been drawing in recently was something almost completely new for me.
Also - Happy Easter Everyone! :heart:
To people, who are still waiting for their drawing/s from me:

I have to postpone working on them right now, I'm really sorry!
I'm in the middle of finishing 2nd year of my college and I have to do "apprenticeship" to pass this year.
I'm doing them at my friend's new gaming company Blue Sunset Games. To my apprentinceship they want me to do 10 full illustrations (ending picture of every playable character) that are due 7th of April (game comes out at 15th) so I have very little time for this. While I'm being also stressed about the commissions because I promised to do them quick, I really have to stop them until 7th of April and I'm really sorry about this! ;_; I hope you understand that this apprentinceship is extremely important to me right now. And it's not like you're going to wait months to get what you commissioned from me. I can also publish what I did only after the game comes out, obviously.

Please wish me luck with these ;w;
Also for those who are curious about the game - it's Animal Rivals and will be available on Steam later. They already passed the Steam Greenlight! <3
Do you? Or do you know people who are taking free (or cheap in points) pixelart requests at the moment?
I would want a few of my OCs to be drawn to expose on my dA page on different account.
Something like this P-PCM:tehpuroisen by Kuru-RI but even small Porshia icon by Tadeshi by Puroistna50x50 px icons would be alright. They don't have to be animated, but if they were then I would be super happy.

If you do but only draw animals then I have a few animal OCs that I would also be happy to get a pixelart of!


I updated the info about what I accept to draw now. Check it below the pictures, its written in italic font.


If you want discount check this out > Want a discount on my art?



========== SEMIREALISM ==========

Full body 25$ or 2500 :points:  Vocaloid DAW IA by Roksi10 Evil Islands: Zak by Roksi10 Overwatch: D.Va by Roksi10

Half body picture 18$ or 1800 :points:Sweet Dreams by Roksi10 Why are you so cold?... by Roksi10 Napping Together by Roksi10

Bust 11$ or 1100 :points: Blake by Roksi102016 Raffle Prize #1 by Roksi10 2016 Raffle Prize #2 by Roksi10

========== REALISM ==========

Digital Portrait 25$ or 2500 :points:  Benjamin by Roksi10Scomiche +timelapse vid by Roksi10TWD Negan +timelapse video by Roksi10
+with optional video process +5$ or 500 :points:

========== CARTOON (anime/manga) ==========

Full body 16$ or 1600 :points: (outdated examples) $Commission 35 by Roksi10 $Commission 36 by Roksi10 You better run~ by Roksi10

Half body 10$ or 1000 :points: (outdated examples)   Summer by Roksi10 Yasu by Roksi10 Simon by Roksi10

Bust 7$ or 700 :points:  Colored LS Sketch Commission#1 by Roksi10 Colored LS Sketch Commission#2 by Roksi10 Thread The Needle by Roksi10

Chibi 6$ or 600 :points: (outdated examples) Christmas Chibi gifts by Roksi10


All the prices are for one character on the picture.

I can draw from one to three characters per drawing. If you want more characters than one in your drawing, please ask me first how much additional money they will cost, since it's different for every kind of drawing I do.


Info about what I can draw:

- I draw in cartoon (anime/manga) style, semirealism or realism (digital portraits only)
- I can draw humans, animals, anthro/furry (for commissions such as fullbody animal the prices may vary due to much more time spent on fur and other details)
- *I can draw female nudity and partially male (no dicks tho, I'm still shy xD)
- **I don't draw fetishes
- I accept gore because I like drawing scars and wounds
- I can't really draw mecha, futuristic or cybernetic designs (if your OC has any parts from these topics - ask first if I'm able to do that)

* - For extra money I could do something more explicit but I probably wouldn't upload it to my gallery, you could have the picture emailed to you instead.
** - For extra money I could consider drawing whatever you'd want me to, but if I'm uncomfortable with your topic I won't upload the picture to my gallery and I won't even leave watermarks on that picture saying I did that. You will get the picture emailed to you and you could upload it to your gallery if you want, saying the author is anonymous but you have permission to upload it.


How to order:

Note me with information including: type of a commission (headshot, chibi etc.), details about the character I'm supposed to draw (reference + short description about their personality), any extra info that I should know about.
- Wait for me to reply.
- When I'll accept your commission, I'll give you my paypal email so you can send the cash.
- I get money = I start drawing (you can ask for previews of the work in progress if you want to).

If I currently have many commissions to do then please be patient for your turn!
Thank you :la:


To-Do list:

1. :bulletgreen: Bust Cartoon Zone-Tan Zerokylin :star: Finished! Thread The Needle
2. :bulletgreen: Fullbody Semireal Vocaloid DAW IA AnimeNebula003 :star: Finished! Vocaloid DAW IA
3. :bulletgreen: Bust Cartoon RWBY Pyrrha Zerokylin :star: Finished! Do You Believe In Destiny?
4. :bulletorange: YCH "Heart Pillow" Semireal Porshia Kracka19874 :star-half:
5. :bulletgreen: Colored LS sketch Squibyplaya :star: Finished! Colored LS Sketch Commission#1
6. :bulletgreen: Colored LS sketch MetalHeartsRejik :star: Finished! Colored LS Sketch Commission#2
7. :bulletgreen: Colored LS sketch Theshadowman97 :star: Finished! Colored LS Sketch Commission#3
8. :bulletgreen: Colored LS sketch Kracka19874 :star: Finished! Colored LS Sketch Commission#4
9. :bulletgreen: Cartoon Bust Devil wolf-dragoon :star: Finished! Devil bust face variations
10. :bulletorange: Colored LS sketch KutieKittyKandyKorn :star-empty: 
11. :bulletorange: Fullbody Cartoon Vocaloid Blue DJ IA AnimeNebula003 :star-half:
12. :bulletred: XxSyl 
13. :bulletorange: Fullbody Semireal Wyatt the Spice Girl Zerokylin :star-empty:
14. :bulletorange: Zerokylin
15. :bulletwhite: -empty-
16. :bulletwhite: -empty-
17. :bulletwhite: -empty-


:bulletwhite: - Empty slot.
:bulletred: - Taken. Waiting for money.
:bulletorange: - Already paid. Work in progress.
:bulletgreen: - Drawing finished!
:star-empty: - Not even started.
:star-half: Already sketched or flat-colored.
:star: Done. 

Bring a friend!

I've just came up with an idea that lets you have a commission cheaper than they normally are (prices are in the commission widget on my main page).
So the general idea is that if you want a discount on my art, come with a friend that would also want to commission me (doesn't have to be the exact same type of a commission you want though, you might want a fullbody, they might want just a bust)
Both of you need to mention each other in a note where you'd explain what would you want as a commission from me.
You and your friend/s will get a discount on my art!
If you bring 3 people you will get an extra free bust from me! But they don't have to come all at once.
You can "team up" with random people too, they don't have to be friends only.

Discount is no longer valid if one of the sides decides that they don't want to commission me after all. Unless you bring more than one person with yourself.

Example of discounted prices available for you if you bring at least one person interested in commissioning me:
Bust - 11$/9$ or 1100:points:/900:points:
Halfbody - 18$/15$ or 1800:points:/1500:points:
Fullbody - 25$/22$ or 2500:points:/2200:points:
Those are discounted examples of my semirealistic art. I kind of want to abandon drawing in manga style but if anyone would rather want a drawing in that style then I can still do it.

If you have any questions about how it works then just ask there or in a note!
Thank you <3 
Alright, so I decided to reveal the first 3 people after all.
The chosen OCs by me are  [MMDOC] Lucas (Casual) by Rozz-a PKMMD - Scarlett's Trainer Card [UPDATE] by ginconomp Setsuna Carmen Kemuri by InkScaled
But the 4th person will be a surprise, so others still have a chance to get a drawing from me! :)  

Hi everyone, thank you for participating in my 2016 FREE ART RAFFLE that was up since December of 2016 until today! 
It was hard to pick only 3 OCs of yours because I liked many more, so I decided to give an extra 4th place as well, because why not :)
But my question is - Should I reveal the "winners" now or do you want it to be a surprise?
Please let me know in the comments! ^^,

RESULTS ARE HERE -> 2016 Raffle Results

Want to take a part in my art raffle? The rules are simple!

- Comment with your OC reference & Favourite this journal
- You need to be my watcher (doesn't matter if you watch me just now)
- Spread the word and share this journal if you want bigger chances!
- Please don't hesitate to join this, everyone gets a chance!

I will pick 3 people and their OC!
Starting: 2016/12/16
Ending: I want at least 10 more people to join and then I will choose your OCs!

What can you win? A semi-realistic painting of your OC! Can be a human or animal!
I need to practice these more so throw your OCs at me!

Blake by Roksi10

Have fun and good luck! <3

And new options to order! Please take a look at my main page.
I accept both point and paypal payment.
All the current prices you can see on my main page are available until February.
When February comes the prices will raise up by 2-4$ so if you want to support me with a few dollars to get your OC (or anything) drawn by me, feel free to do so, I'll be very glad!

If you could spread the word so maybe more people would notice, I'd be very happy, too ;;
Here's also link to my tumblr post with more info, you can reblog it, too!…

Thank you ;v;"
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 10 years if no longer

  2. What does your username mean? based off my OC Roksana which used to be my persona for many years

  3. Describe yourself in three words. shy, conflictless, loner

  4. Are you left or right handed? right handed

  5. What was your first deviation?  Niach  Quezi xD by Roksi it's the oldest drawing I could find

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? digital drawing

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? semi-realism

  8. What was your first favourite? somebody hid it in their storage :V

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? probably fanarts

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? sakimichan

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Tadeshi (sorry for mentioning you twice </3 )

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? depends on the people? I don't certainly understand this question

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?  CLIP STUDIO PAINT, SAI, Photoshop for last touch-ups

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? home, in front of my computer

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? making up new friends and getting better at drawings

sorry i want a badge
If anyone even cares, since only very few people are active and give feedback on my deviations.
At this moment I'm unable to draw digitally, because I had my PC formatted and now switched to Win10.
The problem is that my ancient Pentagram O'Pen XL tablet is no longer being supported byt its company and the drivers will never get updated so my tablet simply doesn't work how it's supposed to be. I could only tell this to my mother and she will look for some new and cheap one, I don't even mind if it would already be used by somebody. I only want to draw the same way like I used to, with no technical problems.
Despite that I will still accept any commissions even tho I still have to finish something, but right now I'm literally unable to.
I just made an account, because I'm curious how this site works and if it's possible to get any feedback on the drawings at all lol.
Until I won't draw anything new, I'll reupload some of the drawings I like.
Click here to visit my Weasyl Account.
Follow if you have an account and like my drawings, please c:


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 16, 2013, 3:16 AM

Heey, I've made a tumblr blog to post sketches and works in wip state, because I don't think you'd like me to flood you with random sketches on dA. From now on I'll be uploading here only fully finished works. All sketches go on my tumblr page c: You can follow me if you want, or ask questions here.

You will see also some 3D stuff here as well, because I play with MikuMikuDance program and make models to it.

Here's my tumblr C:


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 12:54 PM

:iconwuyacuteeyes-left::iconwuyacuteeyes-right: :iconomiwtf::iconclaywtf::iconkimikowtf::iconclayscreams::iconkimikoneedstopee::iconomireallyneedstopee::iconclaysawyourmom::iconomiepicwin-plz::iconjackneedstopee::iconraizone-plz::iconraibigsmile-plz::iconufailedrai-plz::iconomiwin-plz:

I'm deleting all journals but I found these plz-accounts. I made them a looong time ago with :icondeadlyneurot0xin: xD And somehow I don't want them to be forgotten =u= So i'm just putting them here.
This journal will stay for next two years/shot

Anyway, some of you noticed that I upload pictures recently.
I wanna be more active >A> But, argh school is coming. I'm getting sad because of that.
But who cares? Even if school starts I will hardly try to draw something =u= And upload at least one pic for a week or two...

o 3 o ~